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I am a nervous system specialist, medicine woman and love warrior who helps people and animals “evolve out loud”, through my TRUST TOUCH process. By going “deep down”, loving whatever arises, you too, can live fulfilled and aligned with your souls purpose.

When you listen to your animal body and create your own safety, you reclaim self confidence through compassion, to trust you are unique and valuable, that you are enough - no matter what anyone else says including your own saboteur voices, true transformation and healing happens. I teach my clients human or animal, to create peaceful presence so that they can identify their blindspots, fear based self sabotaging patterns and unconscious commitments, that keep them feeling stuck, sick, exhausted and depressed. When you use the Trust touch™ Process, you are able to transform old victim stories and trauma into truth and triumph. I believe that when you can create a calm state of present moment through trust, your brain and nervous system heal naturally, you stop the fight/flight or freeze by creating your own safety, you perhaps never had as a child . My medicine is part ancient, intuitive wisdom part pragmatic psycho logy. I know what works and what does not work, coupled with an intuitive gift to be able to see what others cannot. If you are ready to “be your own medicine”, I continue to help thousands of people recover from debilitatng “mystery disease” and misunderstood conditons such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, chronic pain by going to the root cause of their suffering, remember who they are and live fulfilled, happy, healthy lives.

This program is for you if you suffer from:

Or any other symptoms and disorders then this introductory program will give you the basic starting place to avoid wasting time, money and energy on things you don’t need to do. People spend millions each day on supplements and therapies trying to fix a problem when they don’t really understand what is causing the problem in the first place. I will show how to evaluate your own body functions in the exact order necessary to give you results that HOLD. People often miss one of the foundational steps to resolve their health issue because you are going to get to the ROOT cause of the problem and stop treating the symptoms.

Throughout the program you will be consciously and systematically writing your own personal prescription to health, wealth and happiness by working through your own emotions causing stress, pain and illness. When you take the time and effort to be honest with yourself in the foundational steps then you can confidently move through challenging times with flow and grace without making yourself sick, stressed and worn out.

With this Special Offer from Sarah-Jane, you will learn...

Diamond code blueprint and create a Life that You LOVE If you are ready to take responsibility for your own health and increase the level of personal commitment to the process of whole-hearted living, this package is a great place to start.

Our animal companions are a ff ected both physically and mentally by our state of mind and body and will take on our dis-ease in order for us to right our course even to the point of death. Just like us they come to this life with their own soul contracts with us and their own purpose. Be your own medicine and those around you will benefit from your self care naturally including your animal companions. These lessons and programs will assist them to also live more happy, healthy vibrant lives with you.

BE - ology of Stress This is where it all begins!

Pace yourself and just take one piece at a time. We all learn differently so remember to choose what works for you. The whole point of this program is to reduce STRESS not add overwhelm. I want you to get the results you are looking for. Some people prefer to have the whole program all at once whilst others prefer to have daily action steps drip fed over 30 days.

So you decide how much you want to take in each day. If you take a piece daily and integrate it and then action it by the end of 30 days you should be seeing huge benefits.

Your nervous system controls everything from your immune system to your digestive system to your brain health. So only you get to choose if you break down or build it back up to its optimum level.

Together, we will determine exactly where you are in terms of your personal stressor, so we can create a customized plan based on what you need in order to restore balance ... and reclaim your energy. You will receive: Your first dose of healing - Mindfulness

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Package A: Creating Calm and Clarity in a Stressful, Chaotic World

Over 12 training audios Personal progress tracking sheets Questionnaires and assessments Activations, clearings and meditations And more ... .

This is the foundation of the 12 Module Intensive nervous system reboot program

Out of the Blues - from anxiety and depression to calm, clear expression

Special Offer
Special Offer
Item 1

One 60 minute private body scan and healing session for you or your animal companion

Item 1

Bonus #1:

Entry into a closed Facebook group where all your questions will be answered and you will have the support of an intimate community.

Bonus #2:

$100 off any of my online programs or private sessions.

What Others Say about Sarah Jane Farrel

I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me since our session. Using the simple practices like following my body’s natural impulses and staying with the pain has taken my pain from a constant 10 down to a 3 in such a short time. I received such a cellular upgrade when you worked on my core childhood trauma and I have since been able to anchor in the technique with my right hand to bring all those cells alive on command. The removal of all that baggage from my back of my left hip Area has certainly lightened my load. I would have to say over all I have more joy than I have known for a long time and I decree "bring that Joy on and I love this.  
Blessings Lea Holtz

Thank you so much for guiding me back to trusting my body. I am blown away by what I have learned about myself and how to let go of the old story I have with anorexia and anxiety and I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude! Don't have many words, but I know my life has changed and my body is showing it due to this gift of knowledge you have given me to be my own medicine and rewire my nervous system and brain to heal. Thank you!
Kayleigh Cooper

What an amazing two weeks it has been since I began my 30 day nervous system reset and have healed so much of my childhood trauma already with you I did not even know was running my life! My relationships with my daughter, just by using the trust process has completely transformed and I can see now just how unsafe my own child parts have been and that I can be that safe, loving place for me first! My daughter in the past had nothing nice to say to me and I always lashed back at her, I felt like she was constantly persecuting me…..never listened to anything I had to say and would say things like:
“you freak” and “get a life” and literally swear at me and then I would swear back at her. All she wanted to do was get the hell away from this house, move out,
Travel anything! She even admitted to considering suicide. Not only do I feel alive and am trusting myself to express myself better but my daughter is the beautiful young woman I have not seen in a very long time.
She is smiling at me, greeting in the morning; doing her homework without a murmur; cleaning up after herself; and applied at beauty school for the new year! I am so grateful I said yes and committed to stay the course through this program - it truly has been a life saver not only for me but my daughter and my whole family.
Mandy Vlotman

I came to you wanting to help my horse who kept colicking for no apparent reason. I had no idea just how much my emotional baggage was affecting him until you shared how he was feeling. I d like to thank you for the gift of your time, your presence and your willingness to hear us both - its changed my other relationships at work and home for the better. Your feedback, the healing work you did on us both with the Trust process and your presence allowed a number of pennies to drop into my psyche.  In fact the whole yard feels different, the other horses you worked with in the matrix dynamic are more perky and not as shut down and the relationship with all my horses has deepened into a place where we are having fun and a conversation for the first time! Its been over a month and his coat is glossy, his eyes bright and no more colic. I am enough for my horse and I am so much more aware of my body too just by listening more, the need to control and be right  no longer causes chaos in my life. Thank you
Ceri Ludwig.

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