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Guided Meditations with Shirley Irene Ponto: Soul Singing Journeys

Experience the Guided Meditations and Soul Singing of Shirley Irene Ponto.
Each Guided meditation is about 45 minutes to 1 hour long and features Music From The Universe. These are wonderful tools to include in your spiritual library!

#1 ~ Dolphin Heart Meditation

#2 ~ Violet Flame Planetary Healing Meditation

#3 ~ The Inner Smile

#4 ~ Divine Temple: Realize Your Divine Plan

#5 ~ Angelic Higher Self Activation

#6 Illumination Temple of Telos

#7 - Gemini New Moon Meditation

#8 The Divine Emerald Ray

#9 Himalayan Cave Meditation/ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

#10 ~ Golden Dolphin Temple of Empowerment

#11 ~ Mary Magdalene & Kathumi

#12 ~ Mary Magdalene & The Sacred Chakra

#13 ~ Meditation for Self Love and Empowerment

#14 ~ Merging with Christ Consciousness

#15 ~ Shangrala and The Himalayan Crystal Cave of Healing

#16 ~ Temple of ONEness in Telos

#17 ~ The Golden Water Activation

#18 ~ Divine Temple of Love

#19~Divine Temple of Wisdom

#20 ~Dolphin & Whale Meditation

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Special Offer

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Elemental Cosmobiology Reading with Shirley Irene

Receive your Cosmobiology Chart which includes our planets plus the uranium planets and asteroids. Angels for every degree of the zodiac. Natal Chart gets put in the elemental states, the fire, air, earth and water. Each one vibrates to a different frequency of the I AM that I AM.

The air is I Am the Breath of the Holy Spirit. The fire element, which covers your heart to your waist...I am the Fire Breath of the Almighty. The water is I AM the Harmony of my true being. The earth is I AM the Master of my physical reality.

You will learn what you came to do in the Universe and your connections with Soul Family.

A Note from Shirley Irene

To do an elemental chart from Cosmobiology usually takes about 2-1/2 hours

to 3. I have been including Spiritual Numerology with this. Solar Returns are the stage for the year which is from birthday to birthday. To do a Solar Return, we need your time of birth.

I have been working on several charts and find out that as we get older we definitely need to have a Solar Arc Direction. This is a yearly, usually a one degree on every single planet and Asc. And Mid. I have found that the ones I have been working truly need the Solar Arc Direction as this helps to conenct us to Mother Earth. It is important at this time to provide the necessary crystal energy patterns to balance.

Note: Due to Shirley's limited schedule, this is limited to the first 10 registrants.

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