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7 Sonic Activations from the Seven Rays of the Sisterhood of Light

Rainbow Grandmother and Stellar Iluminata Crystal Skull who is a Rainbow Light Body activator.

Please listen to each light code activation one at a time for the duration of 1 week. During meditation and theta sleep states. All recordings are live so there will be natural sounds occurring in the elements, such as rain and wind. They will take you into a dreamtime journey to reprogram and activate your unconscious so do not listen while driving or operating heavy machinery.  Listen to each one in the order presented for highest level of integration. You will experience the effects of clearing in emotional, physical and energetic levels.  You may experience physical purging and or emotional purging.  This is natural for dense energy that needs to move beyond the mental constrictions.  You will experience high levels of vibration and energy movement.  Buzzing in the cranial and vibrations on the parts of the body being psychically worked on by your guides.  You may be put under spiritual anesthesia which feels like an immobility of the body into a trance or dreamtime state.  This is normal and helps you to fully be present as the codes of light illuminate the body.  It turns off the mind and takes you into a deep subconscious state so your divine may work on you with out interruption from the ego.  The full activation listened to for the total of 49 days.  Please keep a journal and pay close attention to your dreams for signs and signals of unfolding process.  I will work with you in dreamtime if you have any questions light a candle before meditation say my name 3 times Amma Sophia Rose and your full name at birth and birth date 3 times and give full permission for our higher selves to work together in the Akashic field of dreams. Ask your questions and I will then be able to come with grace and free will permission.

This blessing is the primary activation codes I received when opening my gifts.  This activation series is meant to happen with Divine grace so be patient with yourself as your soul knows how much you can handle and will not give you more than you need in any given moment.  It is important to trust the unveiling and have faith in the awakening to the divine light you are with grace and ease.  You do not have to do anything but, listen to the activation codes as directed and our higher selves and our connection to the Divine will do the rest.  You will be clearly guided as a result and trust your connection for further steps on life path. After full series is activated and you feel you need further support continue listening to the codes that your guided to.

Ray One
Cosmic Star Activation
Connecting to your Starseed of the Universal Creation
This activation connects you to your universal planetary star nature.  Gives you the ability to pierce through the artificial matrix and create a Stargate to your galactic soul star family.  A direct access to inter-galactic communication and alignment with the universal mission of earth and the cosmos.

Ray Two
Ether Activation
Opening the crown and bringing forth the Shekina your highest self.  Aligning and calling forth all soul aspects from all timelines into presence in this now moment.  So you may access your universal soul wisdom of all lifetimes as needed.  An opening to the Akashic Records for soul access and alignment with purpose and path.  With this connection embodying the living divinity of your soul in form.

Ray Three
Wind Activation
The awakening of the Keys and Codes for vocal illumination.  These Sonic codes of harmonic resonance will align you to the wind talkers.  This activation will be a guide for you to  activate your ability to trust in your inner voice and connection to spirit.  To help you tap into your sacred activation keys through your own voice.  It will help you listen to the songs of nature and the earth's whispers of truth.  It will open your throat and heart centers to align with the highest frequencies of love.  This activation opens the gateway of creation to help you become more conscious of your words and the thoughts you express which create your outer world.

Ray Four
Fire Activation
Awakening the inner fire and rising the kundalini fire to fulfill sacred purpose.  This activation focuses on giving you the energy templates to increase energy and vitality in your physical body so you can ignite the alchemical fires of illumination and the Fire Codes of light (information) to be embodied in form for purpose on earth.  The symbol of the Phoenix rising into fullness burning away all that no longer serves and bringing you into passion, purpose and power aligned with Divine will.

Ray Five
Water Activation
Activating the feeling and emotional body and awakening the sacred waters of creations.  Through this activation you will recalibrate your sacred waters and attune to the live frequency of Mu and the living waters. You will release lifetimes of held emotional linage and familial residue and clear the circuits and conduit to become a pure vessel for the living waters of life to flow freely.

Ray Six
Earth Activation
This activation ignites the remembering of your original intent upon entering the earth plane. Opening to your original Template and why you chose your family, lessons and Karmas in this incarnation. Through Sonic Alchemy and accessing the Akashic records you will return to your death from spirit and birth into density. This awakening will help you to let go of the need to keep recreating karma for soul growth and open you to the templates of immortality and walking through the eye of the Ankh. The sounds of Mama Gaia will help you nurture you connection with her and realize she is your supply and source. Connecting you more to nature and all the elements.

Ray Seven
Earth Grid Star Activation
This activation grounds you and connects you to your inter-dimensional inner earth star family who are helping you to ground in the higher dimensions in this earthly realm.  You are awakened to the Keys and codes of light coming from the Earth's core to help you be a pure conduit to transfer sacred wisdom from the cosmos to the inner earth.  It also raises your frequency so you can have a more direct connection to the heart of Mother Earth and all creation.    It opens the gateway to the portals of the elemental kingdoms and the wisdom of the Mu beings guiding us on planetary ascension.

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7 MP3's of Sonic Alchemy by Amma Sophia Rose

01 Invocation of the Ancestors.mp3

02 Mama Medicina.mp3

03 Floresta Celestial.mp3

04 Gayatri.mp3

05 Beloved.mp3

06 Angel Lullaby.mp3

07 Entering the Void.mp3

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Option 2: Everything in Option 1 PLUS personal soul song by Amma Sophia and Online Healing Retreat Master Class.

Personal Soul Song and Akashic Activation

Experience your personal soul medicine song. When we are born, we are given a unique akashic signature soul song. In some Indigenous traditions these soul songs would be made before the conception of the soul, when the couple first united in union. This song would be sung to the baby during pregnancy and at the birth. The village would know this song and the child would be reminded of the gift he or she is with this song. During good and bad times this song is a reminder of the truth of this soul's original intent and spirit being in form. The ancient song line chants are verbal transmissions passed on through the intonations and frequencies that enable people to wake up to their Divine. During your session Amma Sophia will sing and record your personal soul song for you to listen to and remember who you really are as a spirit in a body. This powerful medicine song will help to awaken the keys and codes of light so you can awaken into your divinity here on earth.

A medicine story of your soul will be revealed and kept for you to cherish for a lifetime. Each song is as unique as the essence you are. You will be able to ask Amma Sophia 3 questions you would like her to focus on for your intent. She will also include an akashic frequency channeling giving you specific information the questions you ask. Amma Sophia is a highly gifted psychic intuitive and life coach.

Upon signing up for session please give your full name at birth 3 times for the Akashic Records and your birthdate once. Write your 3 questions for Amma Sophia on the email and send a photo of yourself and name/photo of any additional people you are inquiring about. And she will reply within 3-5 working business days with your session. It takes time for her to dream your the essence of your spirit and to start working with you vibrationally. You will receive a recording of your Soul Essence reading and Soul Medicine Song in the form a an MP3.

This activation is very potent and connects you to the Linage of the Rose and the Goddess. Many have experienced a huge transformation with her sessions and have awakened a deep awareness of light within them. Many have gone on to live their passion and purpose in life in a real and grounded way. Many of her soul sisters and brothers of light are flourishing with their spirit path fully activated and illuminated living the dream of Heaven on Earth. It may take some time to clear the attachments and to open to allowing the process to fully enter but, through the Grace of the Goddess and the love of self that develops the energy awakens the original blue print.

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PLUS the following Online Healing Retreat Master Class with Amma Sophia:

Online Healing Retreat MAster Series

~ Online Healing Retreat Master Class ~

Vocal Awakening: An Introduction to Sonic Alchemy
with Amma Sophia Rose

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Online Healing Retreat
Vocal Awakening: Introduction to Sacred Breath, Light Language and Sonic Alchemy.

3 Sessions: MP3 Audio Downloads
Includes bonus downloads and course materials

Online Healing Retreat Master Class Description:

Introduction to sacred breath, light language and Sonic Alchemy. Learn Sound Healing with Vocal Practices via the Teachings of the Divine Mother. Receive Transmissions to activate the Rainbow light body and Sonic Codes of Light. Amma Sophia Rose shares the Womb Teachings of the Divine Mother to reveal how one shuts off from speaking truth from the Sacred Heart. Learn how to find and free your voice within and access your inner power so you can easily and gracefully speak from your heart and create the life you wish to live. Share your wisdom that is deep within you.

In 3 Comprehensive Sessions of 2 hours each, you Will Learn How to:

Access and use your voice for your own self healing and activation of the Akaskic Records.

Speak the Language of light

Open the chakras with your own sound and tones.

Use breath to and sound to cleanse the 5 main organs and open your body to allow more Divine Light into your body.

Use a Meditation to activate your Soul Spark using the Goddess Alchemy Symbol.

Clearn Emotional Channels with Vocal Practices

Open to Your True Voice

Open Your Channels to Recieve Information

Vocal Practices to Clear Emotional channels

Enjoy three powerful, comprehensive sessions with Amma Sophia Rose who offers Activations of the Divine Light Codes and the Rainbow Light Body.

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