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This is a Powerful Series of Activations, Healings & Meditations to Assist You in Shining the Great Light of Your Soul


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The Activations and Meditations designed exclusively for this Soul Shine Online Event Marathon are so potent and powerful, that you may wish to access them again and again.

You've got two options below, which include MP3 audio downloads and a collection of Online Healing Retreats featuring longer teachings by spiritual teachers and healers.

Add these to your Spiritual Audio Library and enjoy while you are going about your day, during your commute, while gardening, exercising, or even while relaxing in your own home retreat. The information, processes, meditations and activations within these download packages will change your life and assist you along your spiritual path of remembering who you truly are, forgiving yourself, and loving yourself unconditionally, so that you can anchor in the greatest light possible at this time and radiate it out to your family, community and the world.

Enjoy 10 Online Healing Retreats included in Option 2

Online Healing Retreat with Judy Beebe

Your Internal City of Light

Recorded Webcast & MP3 Audio Download
2 hours

Your body was designed specifically for your spiritual activation, renewal, and conscious awakening to other dimensions. The "Internal City of Light" lives within each being whose essence and individual spark was broken away from the original fire. This "Internal City of Light" sparkles with the brilliance of the rainbow. The beauty of this "Internal City of Light" has been awaiting your day of awakening from the slumber which has kept it hidden from you. Just like an awaiting rising sun, we come in to turn on the lights internally to this magnificent city of truth and connection. Our GOLDEN COCOON has lain dormant, but now

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

Online Healing Retreat - Singing the Song of the Cells

with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

MP3 Download
This Online Healing Retreat will assist you in communicating with your DNA and awakening your dormant DNA with Vibrational Toning. The principles will be discussed and then we’ll experience going into the DNA to amplify your system. Using patterns and tones opening up the senses and innate abilities and enhancing the vitality of the cells.

 - Online Healing Retreat

2 Online Healing Retreats: MP3 downloads
The 12 Star Councils Quantum Activations
& The 12 Diamond Light Chambers of the I Am Avatar Race

Two Sessions: MP3 Downloads with PDF transcripts
4 hours total

Join Anrita Melchizedek as we experience the 12 Star Councils Quantum Activations. Through these Quantum activations we deepen our journey along the pathway of Divine Love in the Knowing of ourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. A s we come together as the I Am Avatar Race, we experience the next level of our Soul’s blossoming, wisdom and magnificence, co-creating Heaven on Earth.

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Gene Ang  Online Healing Retreat

Online Healing Retreat - Arcturian Healing Method

with Gene Ang

MP3 Download

This Online Healing Retreat will reveal the Arcturian Healing Method via Gene Ang which is a group session of Arcturian Healing Frequencies of Light. This contains the Arcturian Blueprint Activation of the Adam Kadmon image so the Divine Self can physicalize in all dimensions, plus the Arcturian Regeneration of Cells and DNA, And the Arcturian Dimensional Bridge.

Dorian Light Online Healing Retreat

Online Healing Retreat - Psychic Energetics & Light Language 7

with Dorian Light
MP3 Download

3 hours
Experience a session of Psychic Energetics with Energy Healer Dorian Light, who will use the Language of Light and Psychic Energetics to clear patterns of old programming from past lives so that you can create the future of your dreams during this time of the Great Shift.

 - Online Healing Retreat

Online Conference: Cosmic Agenda

with Major George Filer, Frank Chille & Jacquelin Smith
MP3 Download - 3. 5hours

Experience 3.5 hours with 3 amazing guests who share their perspective and first-hand knowledge of off-planet life and the evolution of humanity. Hear about the stories of contactees and witnesses with impeccable credentials who can testify that ETs are indeed amongst us; and they bring spiritual messages, nurturing and mentoring humanity through the nuclear age. Is there a great Cosmic Agenda to integrate a peaceful and enlightened humanity with other cosmic cultures within the multiverse? Our featured guests say YES and they share their own experiences and perspectives in this online panel discussion and conference.

Christine Day

Online Healing Retreat on with Christine Day of the Pleiadian Light Initiations

Activating the Crystalline Grid
Four Activations of Light including Activating the Crystalline Grid within you. This was anchored to our planet on 11-11-11, and the Pleiadians are assisting you in integrating this light as well. This will assist us to connect to the higher, spiritual realms. Integration of this crystalline structure will transform your physical body so you can carry and hold the incredible LIGHT of Yourself in your body. God Consciousness lies within this crystalline structure.

The Pleiadians share their important message that Now is the time to step forward and consciously participate in our own remembering and reconnection with our natural spiritual nature.
MP3 Downlolad - A POWERFUL Activation!

  Online Healing Retreat

Online Healing Retreat Master Class : Manifest New Earth by Living Your Passion

with Judy Cali & Lauren Galey

2 Sessions (2 hrs each) MP3 Audio Downloads

As we Activate our Diamond Golden Heart Light, we are now ready to Manifest New Earth by Living Our Soul Purpose. In this 2-session series, we will be surrounded by Golden Beings of Light, and our Golden Dolphin as we call for our Diamond Golden Christed Sacred Heart Elder Self to step forth. From this place of Mastery and Sovereignty, we will align with the energies of the 11-11 Gateway to identify and empower our Soul Purpose, dream our biggest dreams, and create from the Sacred Heart. In this webinar series, you will discover:
How to Identify Your Soul Purpose or Soul Desire
How to use Sacred Geometry to Empower your Soul Purpose
How to Live Your Soul Purpose in Abundance
5D Business Practices & Universal Laws

Judy Cali Online Healing Retreat

Online Healing Retreat - Downloading the 13 Crystal Skulls

with Judy Cali
MP3 Audio Download

Join Judy Cali for a Session of Activations and Downloads of Information from the 13 Crystal Skulls -- including MAX! This is a powerful 2 - hour session (at least!) and you'll receive guidance and wisdom in the downloads. Max is an authentic ancient crystal skull; a wonder of the world estimated to be thousands of years old and considered by many, to be one of the rarest artifacts ever found on this planet. Max was discovered in Guatemala and was used by Mayan priests for healing, rituals, and prayers.

Teal Swan  Online Healing Retreat

Online Healing Retreat - Awakening and Embodying the Divine Feminine (or Masculine)

with Teal Swan
MP3 Download

For centuries the divine feminine has been suppressed and it is high time that we set it free. Want to know how? Regardless of whether we are male or female, we all have divine feminine and divine masculine energy within us. And it is beneficial to draw on these energies within ourselves whenever they serve us. But it is time that those of us who who were born female, release our resistance to our own gender and begin to embrace and express our feminine essence.

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Testimonials from Listeners Around the World

"Thank you for the Online Healing Retreats! They are most interesting, very worthwhile and timely. Your continuing to provide us with these high-caliber presentations and Healing Conversations is always very much appreciated! With love, blessings and gratitude," ~ Jenny

"Thank you Lauren, I find these Online Healing Retreats of incredible inspiration and True Power! I am so grateful to you for been the link for me to connect with this amazing Goddess Jasmuheen !!!! May the Grace of Source unfold you with all the blessings you desire to manifest in this Creation. I love you " ~ Joli

"As much as I Luv the term en-joy, it doesn't come close to describing how elated I was in this Online Healing Retreat! The 'Kinship' is beyond words and suffice it to say I cannot thank you enough. What you are doing, as I believe I implied when I first met you through Peter Sterling, is an extremely invaluable service to our little Universe here. BLESSINGS All-ways... " -Maxine

"Your Living in the Quantum Zone Healing Conversations and list of speakers is remarkable. Thank you for the work you're doing." ~Steve

"I love the music in your Online Healing Retreats...Music From The Universe! Amazing! All the time I notice you offer great music! I am in Love with your Healing Retreats! Many Divine Blessings and Divine Love," ~Nina "Thank you very much for this gift of Online Healing Retreats. I really appreciate your service and caring heart, and have benefited from the many programs you've hosted since I discovered you last summer. This is a wonderful resource you provide for lighworkers. Love and blessings," ~Karen

Many blessings and radiant love to you,
Lauren Galey Host of Healing Conversations

Lauren Galey
Host of Healing Conversations & Online Healing Retreats
Founder, AcousticHealth.com