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This is a Powerful Series of Activations, Healings & Meditations to Assist You in Shining the Great Light of Your Soul


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The Activations and Meditations designed exclusively for this Soul Shine Online Event Marathon are so potent and powerful, that you may wish to access them again and again.

You've got two options below, which include MP3 audio downloads and a collection of Online Healing Retreats featuring longer teachings by spiritual teachers and healers.

Add these to your Spiritual Audio Library and enjoy while you are going about your day, during your commute, while gardening, exercising, or even while relaxing in your own home retreat. The information, processes, meditations and activations within these download packages will change your life and assist you along your spiritual path of remembering who you truly are, forgiving yourself, and loving yourself unconditionally, so that you can anchor in the greatest light possible at this time and radiate it out to your family, community and the world.

Enjoy the following Online Healing Retreats included in Option 2

Online Healing Retreat: 11:11 Gateway: Healing the Human Psyche with Dorian Light

MP3 Download

Light Language Healer & Psychic Dorian Light offers a powerful group healing session that will remove blockages holding you back. With Psychic Energetics, you'll experience a release of old programs and a renewal of connection to Source, where you'll visualize the infinite possibilities available for your creation. You'll learn powerful tools that bring you out of the Collective Consciousness so you can create from a place of your own personal power. This retreat includes a process that will allow you to work in the morphogenic field and watch the outcomes in your life!

  Online Healing Retreat

Online Healing Retreat: Intentionally Shift into New Earth Realities

video and audio download

Enjoy this Video Webinar with Lisa Transcendence Brown who gets into detail on how to Shift into New Earth Realities. Discover Tools for expanding your consciousness to Shift Reality Now. We will discuss how to vibrate into different dimensions with your physical body.

Suzanne lie Online Healing Retreat

Online Healing Retreat - Light Language & The Human Chakra System Course 3

with Dr. Suzanne Lie

MP3 and Video Downloads: 3 Sessions

Join us again as we create in the Now with Dr. Suzanne Lie and The Arcturians! This 3 Session Online Webinar will be two hours each session and offer information on Light Language Interpretation. We learn (remember) to read Light Language by pulling together all the components of a face, a body, in fact, we will be learning how to "Read LIFE." As we begin to expand our vision of, and concepts about, Earth into higher and higher dimensional realities, we will be experiencing many, MANY different forms of life. These "life forms" may be shocking to us at first. Therefore, it is a good idea for humanity to expand our concept of "what is real" to include beings, atmosphere, sizes and shapes that were never before considered to be "life forms."

SanRa Online Healing Retreat

Online Healing Retreat - Wisdom of Lemuria Workshop

with SanRa
Video on Demand

In the WISDOM FROM LEMURIA WORKSHOP, you will feel deeply loved and nurtured, you will experience the New Lemurian Healing Chamber, you will be given absolutely beautiful, healing tones, interdimensional breathing techniques, and special healing waves of energy not offered before. You will begin to remember what is your deeper purpose and how to manifest it in your life.

Judy Cali Online Healing Retreat

Online Healing Retreat - The Andarean Crystals of the Lemurian Priesthood

with Judy Cali
MP3 Audio Download - 3 Hours

Join Judy Cali for a Session of Activations with the Andarean Crystal of the Lemurian Priesthood! Experience this 2 hour online event with Judy to receive Activations, Downloads and Visitations from the Higher Realms. Judy Cali is a channel for Inner Earth Beings, the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Realm and more.

  Online Healing Retreat

Online Healing Retreat: Your Destiny with Angels

with Rev. Kimberly Marooney

MP3 Download

Your angels are calling you forth to fulfill your Divine Plan and Destiny! Regardless of how the world may look, despite how you may perceive the changes that are happening in America and around the world, a great AWAKENING is flourishing. You are an important part of this awakening.

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

Two Online Healing Retreats - Singing the Song of the Cells

with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

MP3 Downloads
This Online Healing Retreat will assist you in communicating with your DNA and awakening your dormant DNA with Vibrational Toning. The principles will be discussed and then we’ll experience going into the DNA to amplify your system. Using patterns and tones opening up the senses and innate abilities and enhancing the vitality of the cells.

Online Healing Retreat: Love Unity Meditation Experience

with Sandra Walter

MP3 Download

Master Gatekeeper Sandra Walter presents a guided meditation, unifying us with thousands who participate in the Global Unity Meditations each SUNday. After this beautiful transmission of Solar Cosmic Christ consciousness, we will open up for questions on Ascension with Sandra.

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Testimonials from Listeners Around the World

"Thank you for the Online Healing Retreats! They are most interesting, very worthwhile and timely. Your continuing to provide us with these high-caliber presentations and Healing Conversations is always very much appreciated! With love, blessings and gratitude," ~ Jenny

"Thank you Lauren, I find these Online Healing Retreats of incredible inspiration and True Power! I am so grateful to you for been the link for me to connect with this amazing Goddess Jasmuheen !!!! May the Grace of Source unfold you with all the blessings you desire to manifest in this Creation. I love you " ~ Joli

"As much as I Luv the term en-joy, it doesn't come close to describing how elated I was in this Online Healing Retreat! The 'Kinship' is beyond words and suffice it to say I cannot thank you enough. What you are doing, as I believe I implied when I first met you through Peter Sterling, is an extremely invaluable service to our little Universe here. BLESSINGS All-ways... " -Maxine

"Your Living in the Quantum Zone Healing Conversations and list of speakers is remarkable. Thank you for the work you're doing." ~Steve

"I love the music in your Online Healing Retreats...Music From The Universe! Amazing! All the time I notice you offer great music! I am in Love with your Healing Retreats! Many Divine Blessings and Divine Love," ~Nina "Thank you very much for this gift of Online Healing Retreats. I really appreciate your service and caring heart, and have benefited from the many programs you've hosted since I discovered you last summer. This is a wonderful resource you provide for lighworkers. Love and blessings," ~Karen

Many blessings and radiant love to you,
Lauren Galey Host of Healing Conversations

Lauren Galey
Host of Healing Conversations & Online Healing Retreats