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This is a Powerful Series of Activations, Healings & Meditations to Assist You in Shining the Great Light of Your Soul

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The Activations and Meditations designed exclusively for this Soul Shine Online Event Marathon are so potent and powerful, that you may wish to access them again and again.

Get all of the Audio Downloads for this Online Event Marathon, PLUS 22 Additional Meditations and Activations from these Spiritual Teachers and Heaers: You've got several affordable options below, which include MP3 audio downloads, CDs shipped to your door, or you can even enjoy these programs loaded onto our NEW! Audio Healing Spa, which is a neat mobile media player also loaded with 33 Online Healing Retreats that in audio and video format.

Add these to your Spiritual Audio Library and enjoy while you are going about your day, during your commute, while gardening, exercising, or even while relaxing in your own home retreat. The information, processes, meditations and activations within these download packages will change your life and assist you along your spiritual path of remembering who you truly are, forgiving yourself, and loving yourself unconditionally, so that you can anchor in the greatest light possible at this time and radiate it out to your family, community and the world.

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Option 3 includes everything in Option 1, plus more great programs from You'll get 6 Online Healing Retreats which are 2-hour programs of in-depth information on self-healing and manifesting techniques.
Option 3 gives you access to 2 live upcoming online events, plus 4 Online Healing Retreats (Video and MP3 download) and a 4-hour Online Video Class:

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Here are just a few of the speakers offering
Activations & Meditations in this SoulShine Express Download Package

Anrita Melchizedek

Anrita Melchizedek is founder of The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network, an ascension network of Light offering numerous programs of Light in the form of ebooks, Mp3′s, CD’s and audio DVD’s, as well as vibrational energy products. Anrita’s teaching style is uplifting and inspirational, and above all, offers keys to Self Mastery. For Anrita’s website please view and for her You Tube Channel, please view

Activation: 2014 Cosmic Perspectives from the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light
In 2014, we are Overlighted by the Ray of Interstellar Service, a beautiful Silver Ray of Light brought thru by the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light, taking us ever deeper in the fifth dimension thru the Pathway of Illumination and Divine Love. In this transmission, the Pleiadians offer us particular tools and energy techniques that we can draw upon thru the energy of the Cosmic rays, the Overlighting of the Company of Heaven and our Beloved I Am Presence.

Christine Day

Christine Day is a channel, author, teacher, and often referred to as a Pleiadian Ambassador on the planet, and she holds an energetic platform for people to awaken into their self-realization process. Christine says the Pleiadians have given her tools to help us receive the awakening energies and anchor and align with the illumination waves that arrived on 12-12-12. “I choose to consciously re-align back to aspects of myself”. Activation by Christine Day - Pleiadian Ambassador

Dorian Light

Dorian Light is a Language of Light Healer, Psychic Channel, Spiritual Counselor and Energy Healer that specializes in a modality that she calls Psychic Energetics & the Language of Light. She has the ability to see into your current or past life patterns and dissolves, modifies or shifts them to facilitate a healing in your life. You can contact Dorian at Meditation: DAMATAE, Crystal Pyramid of the Sun Clearing/Healing Meditation & Activation with the Language of Light

To read more about all of the Soul Shine speakers featured in this Exclusive Downloadclick here

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Option 1 MP3 Audio Download Express Package. MP3 Downloads of Soul Shine Activations and Meditations $33.33, Get 12 hours of Activations and Meditations that you can use anytime to empower yourself throughout the year. Includes MP3s of all speakers in this online event marathon, plus 22 additional speakers in exclusive recordings, plus Music from the Universe MP3 albums (4 hours of music)

Option 2 CD Version of Activations & Meditations, Get everything in Option 1 PLUS the CD Version shipped to your door. Includes digital download of MP3s & Hard Copy CDs you can share with friends $77.77

Option 3 The Ultimate Package with Bonus Programs. 12 Hours of Activations & Meditations in MP3 Download Plus Music From the Universe (4 MP3 Albums), Sound Healing Session with Solfeggio Tones (1 hour), plus – Digital Download of 7 Online Healing Retreats (16 hours of Healing Content) $99.99

And Option 4 The Ultimate Package downloads PLUS the NEW! Audio Healing Spa - an 8GB mobile media player pre-loaded with 33 Online Healing Retreats. This plays video and audio and can be loaded and uploaded with new programs in the future. Shipped to Your door.

  • MP3 Express Download
    22 SoulShine Activations
    & Meditations

  • Includes 24 MP3s of Living in the
    Quantum Zone Healing

  • $88 value!
  • The CD Version of Soul Shine

  • 22 Activations & Meditaitons

  • 12 CD Set to Share with Friends

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  • Also Includes digital download of
    MP3s in Option 1

  • Everything in Option 1 - PLUS

  • 6 Online Healing Retreats
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  • 4 Hour Online Video Class
    Mind-Field Re-Patterning ($44 Value)

  • Sound Healing Session (1 hour)
    with Solfeggio Tones ($22 Value)

  • Bonus - 4 MP3 Albums
    of Music From the Universe

  • BEST VALUE - Save $188
  • The Ultimate Healing Package PLUS!
    The Audio Healing Spa

    Mobile Media Player pre-loaded
    with 33 Online Healing Retreats
    ($733 Value)

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Testimonials from Listeners Around the World

“That was Wonderful. So many loving energies joining in one. The final Earth song was unique...Thank you Lauren, your engagement is so important. Let the New Glory blossom all over.” ~ Ariel Daniel

“Incredulous event(s) - I am brimming with new energies and lightness after listening to just some of the replays and activations. Thank you!” ~Tina

"Thank you soooo very much for putting this AMAZING event together. I have only just finished listening to the first meditation with Christine and I am alraedy in awe and in such a beatiful space. I will be a differnt person by the end of the event...Thank you!!!" Diane (Portugal)

"Wow! That was an amazing afternoon. What an absolute thrill! Namaste,"~ Gail Ramsay

"Yesssss... indeed Metamorphosis! Life-changing...Wow! .... So happy that we all got to experience this today Lauren! Looking forward to Day 2.... Day 1 was incredible! uplifting and life-changing...." ~ Dale Michaels

"I listened to the Online Heaing Retreat today. The one that I found amazing was Dorian Light's Damatae. Is there a way to get these audios? I must have a copy of this as I found it incredibly healing and it eased my pain immensely! Thank You," ~ Skye
"Thank you for the Online Healing Retreats! They are most interesting, very worthwhile and timely. Your continuing to provide us with these high-caliber presentations and Healing Conversations is always very much appreciated! With love, blessings and gratitude," ~ Jenny

"Thank you Lauren, I find these Online Healing Retreats of incredible inspiration and True Power! I am so grateful to you for been the link for me to connect with this amazing Goddess Jasmuheen !!!! May the Grace of Source unfold you with all the blessings you desire to manifest in this Creation. I love you " ~ Joli

"As much as I Luv the term en-joy, it doesn't come close to describing how elated I was in this Online Healing Retreat! The 'Kinship' is beyond words and suffice it to say I cannot thank you enough. What you are doing, as I believe I implied when I first met you through Peter Sterling, is an extremely invaluable service to our little Universe here. BLESSINGS All-ways... " -Maxine

"Your Living in the Quantum Zone Healing Conversations and list of speakers is remarkable. Thank you for the work you're doing." ~Steve

"I love the music in your Online Healing Retreats...Music From The Universe! Amazing! All the time I notice you offer great music! I am in Love with your Healing Retreats! Many Divine Blessings and Divine Love," ~Nina "Thank you very much for this gift of Online Healing Retreats. I really appreciate your service and caring heart, and have benefited from the many programs you've hosted since I discovered you last summer. This is a wonderful resource you provide for lighworkers. Love and blessings," ~Karen

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed SealI’m willing to do this because I believe you will be able to use these audios to improve your life. If you’re not satisfied with the program, just let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase. Try it risk free today! I believe in this program so much that I’m giving you the complete series and all the bonuses at my risk, not yours!

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Many blessings and radiant love to you,
Lauren Galey Host of Healing Conversations

Lauren Galey
Host of Healing Conversations & Online Healing Retreats