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The Stargate Experience
Awakening Your DNA to Access Your Superconsciousness
Meditation Experiences and Deep Transformational Insights
from a live Stargate Intensive in Mt. Shasta, California

This four day Stargate Intensive focuses on assisting participants to move into new states of awareness and self-love. With the energetic processes of the Stargate Experience, participant’s found that many of their old limitations could simply drop away.

The main focus of this workshop is on meditations that support listeners to access the superconsciousness, which is your Quantum nature.  This is the most cutting-edge facet of the Stargate work, creating the potential for you to know and to begin to live your own superconsciousness.  This process was only introduced to the planet in 2014 by Alcazar, the Stargate’s guide.

Another aspect of this offer focuses on energy transmissions to strengthen your ability to access your intuition more easily.  Your intuition is the ‘doorway’ to being in communication with your superconsciousness.

During these meditations you will experience the presence of Masters from Lemuria, transmissions of Essence of Life Energy, and much wisdom from Alcazar in response to participants questions.


EXPERIENCE The Unique, Transformational Potential of the Stargate Work!

“The Stargate Experience is much more than simply sitting and meditating. It is opening up to receive
the gifts that are being offered from beyond the veil.” - Alcazar

 This offering is an opportunity to:

You’ll also hear the Practical Wisdom of Alcazar:

Connecting to Your Quantum Self Can Change Your Life!

“This superconsciousness, this Quantum Self  is the new you.
Your Quantum Self is part of your humanness, but it does not exist in the physical, it does not exist in time, it does not exist in a particular place. It is almost impossible for the limited mind to understand this.  You have not been able to access your Quantum Self for many lifetimes as your vibration has been so low. This is now changing as the consciousness of humanity is slowly rising.”  - Alcazar

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It was an amazing experience! I came just for my curiosity and discovered an amazing encounter with wonderful beings in flesh and in spirit. I miss it already. Love to all

Liat, Israel.

How grateful I am for the call of the universe ... A call which was loud enough for me to hear, to make the journey from Amsterdam to Mt Shasta. My life has changed in all ways, everything seems to have been lifted, my perception of all things has shifted. My senses are clearer and my vastness is a fact, not a hope or a future goal. The secret is to be aware, and it happens…

Simone, The Netherlands

Every time I listen to my Stargate recordings, I feel like I'm hearing them for the first time. Because I am always changing and evolving, I continually learn something new, and my understanding goes a little deeper

Laurie, California

This workshop was phenomenal and a must for anyone who wants to experience the magnificence of crystals! Christopher Tims is an expert at crystals and this expertise comes from a variety of direct experiences with different types of crystals including years with the famous Anna Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull.  I don't think it would be possible to have a more thorough workshop about crystals of all kinds from a true master. I learned  how to use crystals for healing, amplification of energy and inter-dimensional communication.

Stephanie C.

I think the stargate has shifted something as I am now at a higher vibration, I definitely am finding everyday things flowing VERY much more easily, and I am getting more business. Something that was causing problems in my life has now gone. Curiously, I have got my self confidence back!”

Jonathon, England.

Now home, my addictions seem to have fallen away. I have a lot to do and I’m not as easily distracted. My boundaries with other people seem better, my work has a different feeling as I am bringing this energy of the Stargate into my work, and the best of all, my son said he hadn't seen me ever so happy! I am aware of feeling both grounded and vast at the same time. My sense of humor and ease with people has improved!”

Sydney, California

Stargate has given me an expanded ability to change my state of being, unlike anything that I have utilized up to this point. There is an awareness that each moment is a new beginning and there is much, much more, just for the asking!

David, Nevada

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