Online Healing Retreat

Awaken Your Divine Intuition

Online Healing Retreat Master Class
Awaken Your Divine Intuition

3 Sessions (2 hours each)

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Online Healing Retreat : Awaken Your Divine Intuition

3 Transformational Sessions to Access Your Divine Intuition

"Awaken Your Divine Intuition"

Do you long to be touched by the "still small voice," the divine intuitive voice? Do you seek genuine spiritual experience? Because in this profound, awe-inspiring 3-part Master Class, you will learn how to listen to the "still small voice" within and use that deep spiritual connection to solve everyday problems and to receive divine love, healing, wisdom, and inspiration. You will learn proven techniques to open your heart, mind, and spirit to the riches of inner divine contact.

Through this inspiring class, you will learn:

1) How to meditate and to experience the divine presence directly.
2) How to get clear, precise messages and answers to practical questions from the "in-house counselor."
3) How to release blockages that prevent you from hearing the divine voice.
4) How to distinguish between the true divine voice and other inner voices.

Part 1:
Opening to Inner Wisdom

Today, more than ever, a sense of inner knowing is essential. Making wise decisions with confidence is increasingly vital to happiness, health, even survival. Yet many are at a loss when confronted with difficult choices. That is why having an inner counselor, on whom we can rely, can bring peace and solace.

In this world of confusion, how can we discover the right path? This Master Class can provide some answers. For the "still small voice" within can lead us safely through the wilderness.

Deep within every soul is a wise sage, the source of wisdom. Hidden like a treasure buried at the bottom of the sea, it can only be used when brought to the surface. This class is a journey into the depths to reclaim the "pearl of great price"—the higher self within. This class provides an opportunity to meet and consciously communicate with that inner guru.

Find out how Dr. Susan Shumsky has created miracles in her life by listening to and trusting the authentic "still small voice" within. You can too.

With Divine Revelation® you will:

1) Receive divine messages from Spirit at will.
2) Receive answers to your questions.
3) Use inner "names" and "signals."
4) Receive messages from Spirit.
5) Break through resistances and ego barriers.
6) Become your own guru.
7) Discover your life purpose.
8) Awaken your inner genius.
9) Enjoy little miracles in everyday life.

Part 2:
The Breakthrough Experience

This experiential Divine Revelation® "Breakthrough" seminar and guided meditation will help you open to your higher self and develop clear, precise intuition. You will learn how to listen to your inner voice, the voice that will help you make decisions with peaceful confidence. You will awaken divine love, healing, wisdom and inspiration from within yourself.

This class helps you open to the inner voice through a powerful, field-proven guided meditation that tens of thousands have used to successfully develop their intuition in a practical way. During this session, Dr. Shumsky will personally guide you into a profound, deep meditation, in which will open the pipeline to direct contact with Spirit and begin the flow of divine guidance, love, healing, wisdom, and inspiration from the center of being within.

During this meditation, you will:

1) Pass through the seeming veil that has separated us from Spirit.
2) Experience the supernal light of the divine presence and Holy Spirit directly.
3) Heal ego blockages that have prevented clear inner divine contact and communication.
4) Learn how to hear the inner voice and receive messages from the true voice of Spirit.
5) Receive clear divine inner contact--the experience of divine love, light, profound peace, harmony, and contentment.
6) Learn how to receive and use inner "names" and "signals."

Part 3:
Becoming Spiritually Street-Smart

Do you sometimes get confused when you try to receive intuition? How do you know whether the message is the real thing? Now many people are opening to the inner world—contacting guides, angels, and other beings. But opening up indiscriminately is like inviting strangers into your home. In this revealing class you will learn how to distinguish between the true divine voice and whatever else is in your mind. You will learn how to tell the difference between the true inner guidance and "other voices" in your mind, such as the voice of self-sabotage, wishful thinking, or faker spirits.

Discover 4 levels you might inadvertently tap into while deluding yourself into thinking that you are receiving genuine divine intuition. Avoid the dangers of spiritual gullibility. Now test whether your intuition is "the real thing" by using 10 tests of spiritual discernment and other precise methods to practice "safe spirituality." Learn to test your intuition with 10 tests to prevent psychic deception and other safeguards and precise methods for practicing "safe spirituality."

With this Divine Revelation® seminar, you will:

1) Attain spiritual discernment.
2) Overcome psychic deception.
3) Avoid the pitfalls of spiritual gullibility.
4) Develop spiritual self-protection.
5) Become your own guru.

Bonus File:

PDF file of Healing Prayers and Affirmations

Description: Transform yourself and others through the power of affirmation and prayer. In this pdf file, Dr. Susan Shumsky will present proven methods of spiritual healing that you can use right now to heal your mind, body, and emotions. You will learn and practice:

1) Self-authority affirmation and Prayer of protection: develop spiritual self-defense and experience the divine presence.
2) Divine light visualization: fill your energy field with divine protection.
3) Thought-form healing-release negative thoughts and emotions.
4) Golden substance healing: fill your energy field with divine light.
5) Psychic-tie-cut-healing: release undue attachments and addictions.
6) Façade-body healing: let go of old habits and conditioning.
And more! Renew your mind and rejuvenate your body with these powerful techniques of healing.

FREE Bonus Gifts
Recieve your 6 FREE gifts, which are valued at approximately $600:

1. 7-minute Mini-Meditation: "Awaken to Spirit"
2. Lecture: "Divine Revelation"
3. Teleseminar: "Healing Psychic Sponge Syndrome"
4. Teleseminar: "Avatars and Ascended Masters"
5. $50-$100 coupon towards a spiritual retreat or tour
6. Special FREE access to our Weekly Prayer Circle

Testimonials about Awaken Your Divine Intuition from Dr. Susan Shumsky's Grateful Students:

"Wonderful! I felt moved to tears and I felt touched by God. There was a feeling of relief, and later peacefulness. I felt warm and tingly and tears were flowing. I had a sense that all was well now. I feel freer and lighter now. I've reached a higher level. Very good! Very meaningful to me." -D.S., social services supervisor, New York.

"I am experiencing deep peace and a loving connection with my environment. I feel a greater connection to God." -W.P.C., architect/designer, Malibu, CA.

"I'm really happy with what my body is feeling-peace and quietness within my Being. Lots of good energy running up and down my body. I think on a scale from 1 to 10: Ten +++++. I will let my friends know about my experience." -F.H.D., sales, New York.

"I am experiencing a deep sense of calmness somewhere deep within while feeling a great sense of energy tingling throughout my body. I feel very much in awe of this whole experience." -J.H., travel agent, Bothell, WA.

"This course untangled the confusion between being possessed by a spirit vs. communication with the divine." -P.C., Chicago.

"It is wonderful to have experienced this teaching and I feel really lucky to have been able to come. The pace was fast, and the meditation very deep. It is a practical way to connect with God and discern inner guidance from the Divine. It was great!" -S.H., archeologist, sag Harbor, NY.

"A feeling of ecstasy infused me and I felt totally overwhelmingly loved. I was lifted and taken care of and belonged, was a part of, the Holy Spirit. I felt cleansed and healed and a child of God. I felt the overwhelming wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit and tremendous love. The total stillness of mind brought a relaxation and complete peace that is ineffable bliss and serenity. I felt totally taken care of." -Z.B., legal secretary, Los Angeles.

"A big thing I learned was that I can feel God inside of me as a real, powerful presence, not as some abstract faraway thing." -M.S., commodity trader, Austin, TX.

"I felt like I was being hugged and loved by God (Spirit), very warm, and then I got messages about being loved and protected and safe." -J.K., hypnotherapist, Milford, MA.

"I learned a tremendous amount about moment to moment contact with God, practical practices I will integrate into my life-practical spirituality." -K.S., actress, Beverly Hills, CA.

"I felt suffused with 'knowing'-with the feeling I always have when something is true for me. I could 'sense' more than I could talk. It was more than I expected or wanted-yet it is what I need. I feel energized, questioning, yet at peace." -Dr. J.B., Danbury, CT.

"I have a feeling of great calm and oneness of being. I feel energized and alive, more than I have for years." -J.O., telecommunications technician, Chicago.

"A feeling of total peace, comfort, and security. The presence of great love and joy that made me just want to smile from inside to out and continue in its existence." -A.B., fitness consultant, Bayside, NY.

"This is a life-changing ability!" -E.T., sales, Seattle.

"This course was definitely different than anything I've done. I enjoyed it and will integrate these technologies. Your work is clear, precise, and potent. Thank you!" -L.I., massage therapist, Penn Valley, CA.

"I feel a sense of calmness, centeredness and wholeness, as if I am being carried by divine parents that will take care of every need!" -D.R., landscape architect, New York.

"I realized that God is in me and I am in God and so I am loved completely and unconditionally and loving in the same way." -R.B., mortgage broker, Nevada City, CA.

"This course helped me get clear on who was talking with in the spiritual realm. I feel so much more secure now and so grateful." -S.G., internet consultant, Las Vegas.

"At first I felt nervous, not so much about the messages I would receive, but over the idea that I might not get any. (Am I really good enough for God to talk to me?) After Susan said her healing prayer, the nerves quieted down. I heard words-not so much like a voice, but more like a thought-only not coming from my head, but from my center. The message was that I don't have to worry about being O.K and will I connect with God, but these things are already so, and I am lifted up in that knowledge. I feel relieved, encouraged, and delighted that I have finally started on my path to spirituality." -N.A., Greenwich, CT.

"Susan led me to the deepest level of meditation that I've ever experienced. I experienced a tremendous amount of energy and felt such love and expansion that I lost awareness of my physical body. Many thanks for the beginning of breakthroughs in Divine Revelation" -T.F., Virginia Beach, VA.

"It was a very special day for me. You taught and showed me a whole new and deeper dimension of the Holy Spirit that was awesome to me to say the least. Before, I would pray, but felt that there had to be more, but it seemed quite unattainable in the convential sense. I didn't know how to meditate until you showed us how. I found it to be like someone unlocked a door and I was free to fly out of my domain of imprisonment." -C.H., Woodside, NY.

Awaken Your Divine Intuition

Online Healing Retreat Master Class
Awaken Your Divine Intuition

3 Sessions (2 hours each)

Click Here to Register $97 NOW ONLY $77
Online Webcast Recordings with MP3 Download of program

This event is included in Susan Shumsky's Special Offer -- click here
Special Offer

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