~ Online Healing Retreat ~
with Susan Alexjander

DNA Sound Bath and Earth Healing Meditation

Sunday, August 4th
Noon Pacific / 1pm Mountain / 2pm Central / 3pm Eastern / 7pm GMT

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Online Healing Retreat Description:

The Music of DNA - The Building Block of Life.
A DNA Sound Bath of musical notes matching the frequencies of DNA, as researched and composed by Susan Alexjander, artist and composer.

This is a 2-hour journey into sound and meditation, and it also has a discussion with Susan on how she created this music using the sounds of nature, Tibetan chants, frequencies of the Stars and Planets, and frequencies of our DNA to reach us on a molecular level. Our Guided Meditation brings in the sounds of the Dolphins and Whales and other sounds of nature.

If everything is energy, and energy is vibration, then everything creates a vibrational frequency. So if DNA has vibrational frequencies, what would it sound like when they are matched to musical notes? Would it be beautiful or ugly? How would it affect listeners?

That’s the question two researchers set out to answer and the results are beautiful soundscapes that literally speak to your body on a molecular level.

Music Researcher & Composer Susan Alexjander teamed up with Dr. David Deamer, Biology Researcher at UCSC, who gave her the life frequencies of DNA, which are much higher than the human ear can hear. Susan brought them down 35 octaves until they were audible on a human level and then composed musical pieces that were played in concert by a small ensemble. You’ll hear this music in this weekend’s Online Healing Retreat – A DNA Sound Bath and Healing Meditation.

“The fact that I reached into the molecular world to create these pieces as a composer/artist with the vibrational frequencies of DNA, gives me hope that something in the body recognizes itself and wakes up and feels good. That’s really what my mission is – to walk the beauty way in awe and wonder at the magnificence of the Universe. That’s my inspiration,” says Susan.

“The music is very microtonal, meaning, it’s not at all recognizable on an even-tempored or intonation scale. The closest it might remind people of is an Indian Raga, where the tones are extremely tight together. “

“The theory people will tell you this is dissonance, and we shouldn’t like it. But the opposite seems to happen, when people listen to this music, (I’ve been playing it around the world for over 20 years) they say it goes down like water. They say it feels extremely organic. And I’m thrilled because that was my mission and if that’s healing than it is. I don’t have an agenda to particularly activate DNA, it’s just very people centered. It’s like recognizing, here’s me- and there’s so much beauty inside me. To me, that’s the healing part.”

In four musical pieces, you’ll hear the song of the Dolphins and Whales, the sound frequencies of the elemental table (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, etc), stars, pulsars and planets, and DNA. The music in this DNA Sound Bath mimics Life systems that are constantly changing and going thru a process of shape, movement and sound. “What I hope people take away from this is to feel how some of those processes are manifesting. It’s a subtle thing in my music, but it’s very important to me. You’re in a very gentle place and then something happens in these life processes where you are taken very far from your balance point and that’s a good thing. Because what happens out there is there’s a shake up, everything reforms and goes in a new creative way. I’m hoping that people can piggyback on that ride that might show up in the music.

Featuring Susan's New Composition made especially for the Earth Meditation in this program. This is a very special meditation that will take you back to the creation of the Earth so you can plant the seeds of your visualization for New Earth. You'll take this bliss for Mother Earth and bring it forth to heal any part of the planet you wish to send it to.
This has the song of the dolphins and whales to assist you on your sonic meditation.

Featuring songs from Susan's Album, SEQUENCIA, which is a unique and lyrical celebration of the miracle of life. The songs of SEQUENCIA are derived and inspired by the resonant frequencies of DNA, the complex building block molecule that contains the blueprints for all life on earth. Adjusted to the registers of the human ear, SEQUENCIA offers an exciting and unusual glimpse into the often haunting, often beautiful whispers of the invisible world within.

In SEQUENCIA, raw data derived from the light absorption spectra of the four bases (adenine, cytosine, thymine, guanine) that make up the DNA molecule is converted into sonic frequencies. These are programmed to a Macintosh computer and sent to a synthesizer, and then arranged into four pitch collections (or four 'scales' based on the individual base molecules). These synthesized notes mixed with vocals, cello, tabla, and violin become the palettes for Alexjander's compositions, which range from somber and zen-like to fanciful and improvisational.

"Sequencia is the Grail Quest set to music. There is beauty and power in it; great power." —Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Meaning & Medicine

"Sometimes mysterious, sometimes playful. . . an evolutionary leap forward." —Rick Weiss, New York Times

"The tunings are breathtaking. This is a classical masterpiece, not 'New Age'." —Barbra Dillinger, teacher in the healing arts

Vibrational Healing Music Another song in this series, FLUID, uses the cranial-sacral model of healing. Our bodies are polyrhythmic beings, alive with tides, stillpoints, breath cycles, pulses and delicate surges of expression. Everything is entwined like root and flower. As the original 'Breath of Life' mysteriously enters the body through the third ventricle of the brain, it flows through the entire body, balancing and supporting our life force again and again. The Breath of Life informs our cells as intelligent rhythm and light. It can be especially perceived in the cranial-sacral fluids and peizoelectric, crystalline fascia of the body....a veritable symphony and light show within. Everything strives for balance, health and vigor. Water is the humble servant, divinely guiding and transmitting intimate connection through its liquid, crystalline resonance.

As we head towards a vibrational breakthrough on this planet which involves sensuous, body intelligence, a new harmonic connection to creation is coming forth, and everything is jamming!

Music of the Cosmos Susan's music is also composed using the sounds of atomic elements: hydrogen, carbon, etc and pulsars. "Pulsars are interesting to me because they spin rapidly and beam out a radio frequency at regular intervals, like a lighthouse," says Susan. "Those regular pulse/flashes are already measured by astronomers in hertz, so all that is left for me to do is to find the corresponding tone on a tuning chart, and adjust the octave either up or down. Then I send the frequency to my synthesizer. Pulsars are incredibly powerful electric generators, spewing out the entire spectrum of radiation. We know of at least 1500 of them. Because of their power, some speculate that they might affect life on earth."

Meet Susan Alexjander
Susan Alexjander, aka: Susan Alexander holds a Masters degree from San Jose State University in Music Composition and Theory. She has taught at the university level (San Jose State, Goddard College and Union Institute, Cogswell College in Sunnyvale, California). Her compositions have been performed throughout the United States, including collaborations with dance companies and film. She is director of Science & The Arts, a company which furthers scientific research into the 'musical' universe of frequency, honors a holistic, vibrationally connected vision of creation, and supports outreach through lecturing, writing and composition. Sequencia is internationally known for its pioneering work with the molecular frequencies of DNA rendered into sound. It has been featured on CNN, BBC Radio, Wisconsin Public Radio, and has been on exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Art Museum of Santa Barbara. and Universal Concepts Gallery in Manhattan, New York. Awards include a Fellowship from the Alden B. Dow Creativity Center in Midland, Michigan, to explore the geometry of the mineral kingdom as musical data, and a Leighton Studios Composer's Residency in Banff, Canada. Her sound designs for film have exhibited in galleries in England, Norway, Germany and the US. A former Bay Area (California) resident, she now lives in Portland, Oregon and performs and lectures widely in the US and Europe.

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Click Here to Register Now - $22.22
Includes MP3 download of event recording, plus MP3 downloads of Susan's Music

SAVE 66% - Purchase the Summer Event Pass: $99.99
Enjoy all 10 Summer Healing Retreats from the comfort of your home via live webinars with downloadable recordings.
This also includes the summer’s Healing Conversations Series on Quantum Self-Healing and DNA Activation.
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