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Wake Up Laughing, and Leave Laughter in Your Wake

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A self-paced tutorial including six 75-minute class sessions recordings, six 45-minute recorded interviews with awakened people who are funny and funny people who are awakened, and an 85-page written "Sillybus" ... plus 5 hours of recorded comedy!

Six MP3 downloads of 75-minute class sessions

Self-Paced Tutorial - 6 MP3s of Humor classes Swami's laugh-filled journey through present day reality through the eye of cosmic comic perspective. Comedy disguised as wisdom, and wisdom disguised as comedy. Swami Beyondananda and his alter ego Steve Bhaerman both have something funny to say about healing laughter and conscious comedy. Steve Bhaerman takes you on a laugh-filled journey of his own 'fool-realization' and offers tips to help you wake up laughing and leave laughter in your wake.

Six MP3 downloads of 45-minute interviews

Humorous Interviews that illustrate how you can wake up laughing. A Series of interviews by Steve Bhaerman and his alter ego Swami Beyondananda.

85-page "Sillybus"

For years people have been asking the Swami if he has any "disciples" and for years the Swami has insisted that he has no followers because he gets paranoid when he thinks he is being followed. Nonetheless, he has been looking for ways to encourage and empower others to practice the ancient art of Foo Ling -- using laughter as a tool to enlighten up their own lives, and the lives of those around them. And one of the best ways to multiply healing laughter is to celebrate those moments when laughter leads to breakthrough -- what the Swami calls moments of Fool-Realization.

You know, the times we find ourselves laughing at our situation in spite of it all, those embarrassing moments where we realize God is laughing so hard we would be fools not to join in. Sometimes the Universe will create a farce-field just for our benefit, and we remember that life is a situation comedy and we are just having an episode.

2 Hilarious and informative e-books, Wake Up Laughing: An Insider's Guide to the Cosmic Comedy, and The Zen Cohens of Harry Cohen Baba.

Wake Up Laughing: An Insiders Guide to Cosmic Comedy
It’s less than a latte, and offers a cosmic comic pick-me-up This book will help you wake up laughing and leave laughter in your wake. You’ll learn how to use cosmic comedy and healing laughter, and you’ll have plenty of laughs along the way. Talk about cultivating lightness in dark times ... our answer to nuclear proliferation? New clear pro-laugheration! If you think we need more mind-expanding comedy and heart-opening laughter, please tell your friends, family, associates, community. Buy it as a gift. And remember … no trees were harmed in the making of this book!

Wake Up Laughing

The Zen Cohens of Harry Cohen Baba E-book
Harry Cohen Baba, the Garment Center Saint, went to the mountains (OK, the Catskill Mountains), and sat at the feet of the Great Ones - Henny, Benny, and yes, even Lenny - and came back with these healing jokes called Zen Cohens, which are designed to ignite a flash of enlightenment with a spark of laughter. Zen Cohens enlighten while they brighten, leave an aha in the wake of the ha-ha, and always impart some imparticle of wisdom. Actually, there are more than three-dozen jokes. There is a section in the appendix called "Laughed Overs" where we list jokes that didn't fit. The Appendix at the end also includes a step-by-step instructional called "How to Tell A Joke," and it is funny and informative. Many of these jokes are perfect for after-dinner speakers, and others better suited for "way after dinner." All are guaranteed to be hilarious, or double your laughter back! Amaze your friends - confound your enemies - laugh yourself silly.

Wake Up Laughing

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Some of What You Will Learn in this Self-Paced Class:

  1. What Buddha and Seinfeld have in common, or how sitcoms can help you become enlightened
  2. The architecture of a joke, and what fuels laughter
  3. How humor heals (restores wholeness)
  4. Why evolution has wired us for humor, and why a sense of humor is a desirable trait
  5. Three things that transformational comedy ALWAYS does
  6. A simple four-word mantra guaranteed to bring ho-ho-holy hee-hee-healing
  7. The remarkable statistics about laughter’s role in treating and preventing heart disease
  8. How humor helps us think like Leonardo Da Vinci, and is a tool for creative thinking
  9. How even those who grew up in a humorally-deprived home can cultivate a healthy sense of humor
  10. How the four elements — earth, water, fire and air — can be used to energize a joke and spark laughter (scientific term: “ejoculation”)
  11. Why jokes use threes — a minister, a priest and a rabbi
  12. How and why to laugh with love at your silly self
  13. How to use an alter ego to alter your own ego for the better

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