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Metatronia Therapy
with Tammy Majchrzak

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Online Healing Retreat
Metatronia Therapy & Attunement

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Includes Video and MP3 downloads for home-study use, Attunement,
Spiritual Workbook, & MP3 of Healing Conversations with JJ Hurtak

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Online Healing Retreat Description:
Connect with Archangel Metatron in this specialized Online Healing Retreat that will assist you in stepping into your new Divine Body of Light. This 3-part online course is 6 hours and includes an Attunement to Metatronia Therapy - your passport to higher realms.

This energy requires to be felt to be experienced. This energy is sacred and of the highest order. It is brought to mankind now to assist in many areas. From a healing perspective it brings great healing to all aspects and all facets of the human vessel, covering physical, mental, emotional, pain body and celestial/lightbody. It is accelerated ascension. Not just bringing about profound healing and transformation but bringing you into your true alignment with your higher self, higher heart and higher energies. There is great work to do. We do not just bring this to you for you to apply just as healing, we bring this to you to assist you in many areas, many dimensions, healing being only a small part of what this energy is about. Feeling is believing, believing is feeling. It is very much based on transformation and living and experiencing that transformation.

Metatronia Therapy is a new healing modality but an ancient sacred resonance of the highest order. It is essentially a vibration and frequency from Archangel Metatron using his healing vibration, codings and Sacred Geometry. It is very powerful and will transform the lives of those that receive it. It is applied through healing, distantly, in person, attunements, meditation. Once you are attuned to it you are provided with all that you will need in regard to your Ascension process.

Tammy Majchrzak connected with Metatron consciously in 2010 and since then she has been working with him and the Archangel Realms, t hrough daily channellings, guidance, messages and healings to bring this healing modality to the world. The timing was crucial as we moved into 2012. There are a lot of new energies surfacing around the Universe and this healing modality is here now to bring us into balance, and to shift our consciousness and raise our vibration.

We are coming into an age where illness and disease are forming and becoming part of daily life, accepted almost, as we live in stressful times, rushing around, not really connecting within ourselves and losing our true essence, our spark, the light of our Soul. Debt, worry and anxiety becoming the plague of modern society. This is about to change, the tools are here now to lift us out of this existence, so that we can truly connect with the Divine light within us and make magnificent, positive, transformational changes that will change our life.

Metatronia Therapy is healing energy like no other I have felt or experienced. It is an extremely high vibration and really goes to the heart and heals, on so many levels. Archangel Metatron opens us up to this remarkable and effective healing process. The energies assist in healing on many levels but also in raising our vibration, energy, consciousness and frequency, realignment, reconnection, and new energies to move us into higher dimensions of reality.

Spiritual Tools Workbook A workbook is included to assist you in understanding about expansion, grounding, energy and much more. A valuable companion to those who are embarking on the awakening process and learning about their connection to the divine light of the One.

Non-Active attunement To Metatronia Therapy

This Online Healing Retreat also includes an attunement to Metatronia Therapy as a non-active practitioner. This opens you up and connects you to the divine vibration and energy of The One Source through the connection with Metatron. This level is an introduction and is used by many for themselves and their own healing. This is not an active practitioner level. A special package will be offered in this Online Healing Retreat for those wishing to receive a Master Attunement and become a practitioner in the Metatronia Foundation of Light.

A few Benefits of Metatronia Therapy:

• Reduced pain/inflammation
• Healing the physical, emotional, mental, celestial and spiritual bodies
• Healing and expansion of the Auric Field
• DNA/RNA restructuring/rejuvenation/transformation on a cellular level
• Emotional freedom and release
• The human vessel (body) is cleansed and rejuvenated on many levels
• Energizing
• Release from trauma/negative behavioral patterns/raising of frequency
• Transformation on many levels
• Balancing & Clearing of Chakras
• Soul Connection/Soul release/Soul Retrieval (retrieval of fragments of soul left in past lives, etc from past pains and traumas)
• Self-Realization
• Realization of Barriers/Blocks so that they can be healed and lifted
• Raising of Consciousness, frequency and vibration
• Deeper connection and understanding
• Increased consciousness of Oneness
• Lightbody Awareness, strengthening, alignment and reconnection

A note about your Lightbody:

Your Lightbody is already activated. Through Metatronia Therapy you become more attuned and aligned with the formation and energy of your Lightbody. No one can "turn on your lightbody" for it is already active!

MT assists with much more also. Mental body, emotional body, physical body realignement and rejuvination. Rewiring of neural pathways/synapses which is due to the light transmission/frequential codings that are brought down during the healing sessions and attunements.

Healing of heart, mind, body, muscles, tendons, the whole system is cleansed, the Human Vessel (body) is purified. allowing us to live in a "vessel" that is functioning at its most optimum level. Removing any doubt and fear, giving us the freedom to explore and move to where we truly need to be, to realise our life's true soul purpose.

The healing works by Metatron connecting with us. He already knows what it is we require to heal. Our life stories/history of this life and past lives are scanned, and healing begins on taking away any parts of our life story, our conditioning, our programming that no longer serves us. The healing itself is painless, very soothing and extremely relaxing. Many have said that they feel they are literally lifted up and brought back down, feeling empty and at peace and not able to find the stuff they were worried or anxious about before they have the healing. The Healing aligns your blueprint, repairing your DNA/RNA and healing the Celestial bodies/Auric Field.

Metatronia Therapy brings energy that reactivates many elements within the Human Vessel and the Celestial bodies and also awakens the d ormant energy within the Pineal Gland. The DNA/RNA restructuring and the Pineal Gland reactivation brings about clearer insight, psychic skills, heightened senses and a reconnection within the whole human vessel (body) so that it returns back to its oneness state. Many report weight loss after the Metatronia Attunement. This is concerned with the energies that come through to realign and balance you. Bringing you to the optimum state of being, that you should be.

This is healing on a cellular level. Reaching our very core, and allowing us to function more freely, think more openly and feel at one with the Universe and most importantly to connect with the deepest part of us, our true real soul essence. This is not just about physical healing it is about bringing us to where we truly need to be. So changes will take place, some felt immediately. A shift in energy may be felt when the healing takes place and there is a 30-day cleansing/detoxing period. This may go on for longer depending on the individual.

As a Reiki Master Teacher, Tammy says she finds Metatron's healing energy to be very different as she connects with it and brings in the healing frequency. It seems to have a much more powerful vibration. We become more aware of our Lightbody and our soul purpose. We begin to feel and look at life differently and with a deeper knowing and connection.

This is more than just healing the physical Vessel/Body. Metatronia Therapy realigns you with your Soul, your true self, it catapults you on your ascension journey and uplifts your spirit. Bringing you into your Divine Awakening...Are you ready?

About Tammy

Tammy is a Scribe and works from connection with the Divine Universal Coding vibration. She is a Spiritual Alchemist, Archangel Metatron Messenger/Channeller, Founder of Metatronia Therapy and the Metatronia Foundation of Light. Her work is to assist those who are on their Ascension Journey and to assist those on the path of Enlightenment to know divine truth from within themselves and from the Universal Coding.

One of Tammy’s many spiritual and soul gifts are in introducing and sharing the latest information regarding ascension and the New Earth to all seekers of truth. Tammy works from a very humble space. Her work is spreading throughout the Globe and greatly assisting others on their path of light

Online Healing Retreat
Metatronia Therapy & Attunement

MP3 and Video (wmv) Download

Click Here to Purchase $111.11
Includes Video and MP3 downloads for home-study use, Attunement, Spiritual Workbook, & MP3 of Healing Conversations with JJ Hurtak

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Special Offer from Tammy Majchrzak

Two Options to continue working with Metatronia Therapy

OPTION 1 – Upgrade to Active Healer/Practitioner Attunement

Active Practitioner Upgrade Attunement – Become an active and professional MTFOL registered Metatronia Therapy Practitioner.

If you enjoyed the vibration in this Online Healing Retreat on Metatronia Therapy, you’re invited to become an active practitioner! The attunement in this Online Healing Retreat is for non-active healer, meaning you are attuned to a non-active level. This allows you to experience the energy for yourself, for family and friends.

If you’d like to work in an active capacity as a Metatronia Therapy Practitioner, you may upgrade to the Active Practitioner/Healer Attunement which also lists you as a practitioner in the Metatronia Foundation of Life Membership. Membership and certification will be sent after the event. Along with the Healer workbook, Q & A and application form which are required to be completed by all those taking this attunement.

ITEM 1 - Active Practitioner Attunement for Active Healers
Attunement to the Active Practitioner Metatronia Therapy Level.

ITEM 2 - Membership & Practitioner Listing in the Metatronia Foundation of Life
This includes Membership to the Metatronia Foundation of Light (MTFOL) and your name is shown on the MTFOL Register of Active Practitioners. Metatronia Therapy is an approved and accredited training provider and so only active dedicated practitioners are shown on the register.

ITEM 3 - Soul Reading from Tammy
Tammy’s readings are based on your unique divine soul coding to further assist you in attuning with this energy. They are based on what you need to know as opposed to what you want to know. They are very much geared to assist you on your Ascension and awakening journey. Spirit Guide and other information can come through at the time of the reading. These are given by email.

ITEM 4 - Metatronia Meditation Package
12 Meditations in MP3 download including:

• Handing over to Raphael– A connection to Raphael very much for the heart space and releasing. Very comforting

• Center of the Earth – a journey to the center of the earth – taking yourself out of you to a whole new spatial and dimensional awareness.

• Chakra Flower – balancing of energy meditation

• Divine Intervention – trusting and opening and believing in the One.

• Golden Pyramid – A magical journey to the sacred lands and energies around the Pyramids. Thoth may visit during this meditation!

• Golden Sphere – Taking you to another dimension within yourself. Higher states of awareness and connection, feeling and sensing.

• Healing Orb – a healing tool – very empowering and very nurturing.

• Love Frequency – feel the love from within you – releasing and allowing you to feel more deeply within yourself. Great release and unburdening, lightening and expansion.

• Meet your spirit guide – Take yourself to a sacred place where you can meet those who are assisting you on this journey. Loved ones may also visit during this sacred time within yourself.

• Metatron – Be Open to Receive – a great connective meditation. Empowering you, opening and assisting in your awakening process. This is a very powerful and releasing meditation. Connecting you to the divine energy of the One, through Metatron’s vibration and light coding.

• Planetary Energy Alignment – Spend time among the planets and soak up the elixir that they bring to you. Divine planetary codings and balancing vibrations.

• Spirit Temple Healing – Sacred time in a sacred place and space that you can come back to and visit at any time.

ITEM 5 - LightBody Vehicle Mechanics Workbook

The Latest Project within the Metatronia Foundation of Light. The focus being awareness of the Lightbody and Lightbody Vehicle Mechanics. Tools, Techniques, Channeling, Images and much more. Very much food for thought and a taster. T his workbook brings to the reader an expansion in consciousness. It is not based on exacts rather it gives you an opening to explore many possibilities of your connection with your very unique and divine lightbody vehicle/MerKaBaH. This workbook is very much about awareness of our Lightbody vehicle and it goes hand in hand with Ascension. You cannot have one without the other.

ITEM 6 - 10% Discount on Mt. Shasta Retreat

Option 1: Upgrade to Active- Healer/Practitioner Attunement
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OPTION 2 –Metatronia Therapy Support Package

OPTION 2: Metatronia Therapy Support Package

If you don’t wish to become an Active Practitioner of Metatronia Therapy, but you enjoyed the energies and wish to continue your work in this arena, this is the option for you. You’ll receive the Soul Reading from Tammy in item 3 above, and also Item 4: the Metatronia Meditation Package of 12 MP3s.

Tammy’s readings are based on your unique divine soul coding to further assist you in attuning with this energy. They are based on what you need to know as opposed to what you want to know. They are very much geared to assist you on your Ascension and awakening journey. Spirit Guide and other information can come through at the time of the reading. T hese are given by email.

Plus You'll receive all 12 of the Meditations mentioned above in Item 4.

Option 2: Metatronia Therapy Support Package
$66.66 - Click here to Buy Now and save $44

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