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Virginia Palmer, PhD., Lemurian Dreamer, has been a lucid dreamer since early childhood. In her young adult years, she studied Conscious Dreaming with the Edgar Cayce Foundation. She has also worked with Dreams with the writings of Robert Moss, Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D., Jeremy Taylor and other notable authors. However, Virginia’s main source of information for the past 25 years is the teachings Lazaris, a multidimensional consciousness, who confirmed that she was and is a Lemurian Dreamer and a modern day Lucid Dreaming Coach.

Virginia is also a personal transformation coach, astrologer, teacher/ healer, leadership trainer and channels the Lemuiran Dreamers and Dolphin Dreamers. Her unique background offers you the opportunity to become a proficient lucid dreamer, 24-7, directing your night dreams, anchoring them into daily life and expanding your reality through on-going transcendence. It’s Time to Live Your Dreams!

Dream Magic Retreats Special Offers is a series of topics with guided Dream Journeys that power to you program/direct your dreams, both day and night, to continually transform yourself, and to co-create the New Reality with your Higher Self & Soul, The Lemurian Dreamers, Dolphin Dreamers and The Divine Source. You will connect to your Dreamer within, the Ancient Lemurian Dreamers, learn Dream Rituals, play with the Dolphin Dreamers and journey to the various Temples of Dreams: Healing, Forgiveness, Success, Creating/Manifesting, Love, Abundance, Destiny and Gratitude.

Since you are on an accelerated Spiritual Path and the Energy is speeded up and expanding, the guided journeys are approximately 20 minutes in duration, giving you more power in less time. Experience these limitless and effortless methods to multiply your successes, remove obstacles, create an abundant life, transform the planet and live Your Dream and The Dream!

When you buy any or all of the Special Offers, you will receive FREE the ebook and audio download of Dream Power, The Magic of Lucid Dreaming. This book presents the multi-level benefits of dreaming; outlines the Dream Rituals, techniques of consciously asking for and receiving a Lucid Dream and introduces the Lemurian Dreamers.

The Lemurian Dreaming Series Digital Download Audio Courses & eBooks
The Lemurian Dreaming Series consists over 8 hours of audio programs designed to help you manifest your dreams, goals and visions. This series is very powerfully to help you create and manifest the life you desire to live.

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ITEM 1: Online Healing Retreat - Lemurian Dreaming 2 MP3 Downloads and EBooks

In this 2-part MP3 series, you will learn and integrate the Lemurian Dreaming process into your life. You'll meet the Lemurian Dreamers and become initiated as a Lemurian Dreamer. Learn powerful techniques to access Dreaming Temples and Memory Retention of your Dreams

ITEM 2: Dream Mapping - Seven Steps to Greater Success - EBook & Audio Download

Dream Mapping, Seven Steps to Greater Success is system designed to help you achieve your dreams, goals and visions. Dream Mapping outlines methods to achieve your desires with precision and accuracy. Dream Mapping is a series transformational processes that leads to optimal success. Dream Mapping Steps: Vision, Imagine, Desire, Choose, Act, Expect, Receive.

What is your Dream? What is the Vision of your Dream? How do you Imagine living your Dream? How do you Desire to have your Dream come true? Can you make the Choice to live your Dream? What Actions can you take towards building and living your Dream? Can you truly Expect your Dream to come true? Can you open to Receive your Dream?

ITEM 3: Dream Power, Unlocking the Magic of Night Dreams, EBOOK & Audio Download

Dream Power is a series of techniques and guided journeys teaching you to program and direct your night dreams. The function of night dreaming is vital to our human needs. Dreams find solutions to the conflicts and paradoxes of life. Dreams can sharpen your tools of reality creation: Desire, Imagination and Expectation.

Everybody dreams. Most people dream every night. Dreams are a way to access your Higher Consciousness and to receive messages, often coded, from your Soul. Dreaming heals and repairs your body and emotions while you are sleeping and re-charging. Night Dreams reveal the greater you.

Do you want to consciously direct your dreams? You can influence your waking life through your Dreams, therefore having the power to create your reality while you are asleep. When you learn to direct your night dreams you will unlock the Magic of Dreams.

ITEM 4: Sweet Dream / Blending Meditation Series - Audio Downloads

Relax, Rejuvenate and Re-Create with 7-minute nightly meditations to listen to before going to sleep. The Sweet Dreams recordings are uniquely designed to program your Dreams in the following areas:

• Deep Sleep
• Healing Dreams
• Creating/Manifesting Dreams
• Forgiving Dreams
• Destiny Dreams
• Soul Dreams
• Global Dreams

ITEM: 5: The Lemurian Dreamers/Dolphin Dreamers Series
Six MP3 Audio Guided Meditations
• Lucid Dreaming overview with the Dream Request Ritual
• Journey to the Lemurian Temple of Dreams
• Connecting to intimately to each Lemurian Dreamer:
The Dream Weaver, Dream Tenders, Dream Keepers, The Dream Steeler, The Lemurian Dreamer, The Mysterious Other
• Dolphin Dreamers, JOY is the Healer, FUN is the Creator
• Igniting your Passion, Expanding your Compassion
• Seeding Equinox/Solstice Dreams in the Dream Arc

ITEM: 6 Personal Transcendence, Love & Abundance Series
Six MP3 Audio Guided Meditations
• Becoming Your Truer Self, The Foundation of Oneness
• Transforming old beliefs, creating the New Matrix of believing the “unbelievable”; 33 second Manifestation
• Breaking inner child contracts, becoming the Magical Child
• Creating your New Image in the New Matrix, Abundance process
• Receiving in the Temples of Love & Abundance
• Carrying the Torch of Love: Self, Others, Planet
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Your Choice of a Personal Dream Session, Personal Transcendence Session OR Astrology Reading with Virginia Palmer

Personal Dream For You Virginia will “Dream a Dream for You” Co-create with Virginia, the Lemurian Dreamers and your Guides to manifest Your Dreams into Reality!

Virginia will “Dream a Dream for You”, receive interpretation from the Lemurian Dreamers, process with you to you analyze and interpret the results and to “dreamstorm” your next steps to anchor your Dream into your life. This is a personal session to work on any area of your life to bring your wishes and desires into physical manifestation. Virginia will meet with you remotely in an initial phone consolation, followed by dreaming your dream and then to share the dream and the interpretations she dreamed for you!

Transformational Astrology Reading from Virginia. She will translate the energy aspects of your natal chart and your current transits to find opportunities Quantum Leaps and New Dreams. Virginia shows you how to transform obstacles, prepare for positive and challenging transits and to manifest more success. She shows you your Dream portals in your natal chart and determines the best time to ask for certain types of dreams according to transits. There is a powerful synergy with Astrological Cosmic Energy and Dream Magic that can propel you into new dimensions of your reality.

Personal Transcendence Session Or Select the Personal Transcendence Session with Virginia, the Lemurian Dreamers and your Higher Self. There is no issue too big to heal, transform and transcend is this hour session with Virginia and the Dreamers. She channels transforming information and energy from your Guides, Higher Self and the Dreamers to assist in elevating you to your next level of Being and beyond. Experience the Magic! Experience the Love!

You will select your choice of Personal Session Above when you schedule your appointment direclty with Virginia.

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