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Special OfferBorn from her work using sound as a healing vehicle in workshops and the Healing Concert, an evening immersion into deep relaxation and rejuvenation, this book focuses on seven ways you can interact with your world to create more space and more healing in your life. The book was created as an introduction to her teachings and to help explain to audiences why they felt so good after her concerts and workshops. Her understanding of coherent energy and vibrational exchange allows her to transmit experiences which inspire natural healing. Includes a companion CD of healing music by Wah! including one guided visualization from the book and four new tracks from The Healing Concert.

When you begin your day, you are already in an exchange with the universe – the weather, your schedule, sleep patterns, hunger, cell rejuvenation. You shower and receive extra negative ions from the water. You eat and absorb nutrients from the food. You meet people, smell flowers, walk near the ocean. The stars in the sky, the flowers on the earth are simple representations of the natural Universe we live in. things move slowly in nature. I encourage you to read these words, be with yourself, slow down your thoughts and receive healing. Just as the ocean has a rhythm, as the trees sway in the wind, as the sun flickers on the water, your breath moves naturally through your body. Feel at ease. Make yourself comfortable.

Healing is an exchange with the elements. It is a spacious, divine, geometric experience of love. This book explores seven methods of vibrational exchange which you can use to heal – thought, brainwaves, light, electromagnetic field, energetic bodies, breathing and the senses. The whole world contains miraculous possibilities of spacious, loving wholeness.

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Maa CD.

Special OfferUpbeat chants to move and groove to!
Wah! brings in the bliss with her band, featuring Mike Haziza on beatbox, Katisse Buckingham on flute, Matthew Martin Kelly on keyboards, Christian Teele on drumkit and percussion, Kirk Margo on guitar, Wah! on harmonium and bass, Paul Hollman on keyboards and sampling. Great for yoga class... Sanskrit and English.

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Loops N Grooves

Special OfferWah! returns with dance music & sacred mantra, beatbox, vocal percussion
Wah! returns with more dance music and sacred mantra - combining her soothing vocals with live beatboxing, loops, club beats, and vocal percussion, featuring Mike Haziza on beatbox. Use it for yoga practice, dance, energetic movement, or healing... Find your groove!

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Take the Light

Special Offer13 inspiring tracks from the Healing Concert featuring Wah!'s beautiful voice, combined with spoken word, loops, delays and keyboards to help you melt away your stress.
Take the Light features music and vocals by Wah! with production, editing and mixing talent from Jermaine Hamilton, Paul Hollman and Zack Miley. A must-have for Wah! fans and a great introduction to Wah!'s Healing Concert. Take an hour to relax ~ listen from start to finish!

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Peace Girl Single.

Promotional single for the CD Take the Light

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What people are saying about Wah!

"Hip elegance and perennial wisdom flow from the lovely voice of Wah!"

"Wah! integrates science with spirituality, and meditation with music in profound ways – her multi-sensory performances and even her book transmit a message of healing. Her experience as a performer, teacher and author allow her to speak with confidence about both the inner and outer worlds. Wah! emanates a beautiful expression of wholeness."

"Wah! is hands down one of the most amazing voices in the yoga community. Whether it's devotional singing, teaching yoga, presenting workshops, leading womens groups or writing books, it's all about service. Less stress, more Wah!"

"I remember walking through the streets of Rishikesh and hearing Wah's voice and wondering who is THAT? There is so much love and clarity coming through this voice. What a great pleasure to have you on our show "Dialogues with the Masters."

"Wah! is one of the brightest lights in our community - not only does she lead an amazing kirtan, she gives talks that rock! And she just came out with a wonderful new book. It is always an honor to have her."

"It is rare to find someone with both earthly accomplishments and spiritual understanding. You see skilled musicians who are technically excellent but without a spiritual bone in their body. And on the other side is a person who is total bhakti – immersed in the path of devotion and love – but without enough technique to actually pull it off. It is really rare to have someone with both qualities. WAH! is one of those rare people. An absolutely extraordinary musician"
JORDAN KIRK | YOGAVILLAGE.NET Yoga Teacher Training - Phoenix, AZ

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