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Arcturus Ra on Healing Conversations

Arcturus Ra: Specialty Products

All of my products are channeled art from the future once earth is in acceptance of its 5th dimensional properties. They will be in every conscious household . Allow yourself to explore and experience what’s out there . The truth is in you as you follow your heart . Feeling is required thinking only assists !

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gail and Greg Hoag on Quantum Conversations

Gregory & Gail Hoag: Activations for Soul Connection

When you are touched by the innate patterns in nature, you are in the flow of pure energy making its transition into form. Our technology utilizing sacred geometry, brings you into true relationship with creation. You experience the fullness of life ~ closer to your spiritual and physical potential.

No wonder people report how good they feel, sleep, focus and relate to others with the Heart Companion and I.Connect. The codes within you resonate with these tools so you remember who you truly are. Energy flows and life improves. In a perfect world, you would experience life on all its dimensions, filled with the joy and reverence of creation. We’ve been so successful because our products work. They have worked to positively change thousands of lives.

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Brian Besco on Healing Conversations

Brian Besco: Tensor and Torsion Field Technology

Within a Tensor Ring is an infinite source of energy that is neither electric nor magnetic. Its output is beneficial and healing to all life forms. It is a superconductor. It neutralizes magnetic fields. It brings coherency to chaos, and it produces a measureable gravitational effect. Enjoy 2 Healing Conversations in this special video with Brian Besco below and learn what Tensor and Torsion fields are and how we can use them to raise our vibration and consciousness on Earth! Tensor rings are based on ancient technology found in the Great Pyrimid and King Soloman's Temple.

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Brian David Andersen on Quantum Conversations

Brian David Andersen: Tri­Vortex Technology

Mr. Andersen is the Founder of Tri­Vortex Technology, a water hydration expert and is featured in the documentary, "The Business of Disease." Brian will be discussing his Tri- Vortex technology tools for "Light Particle Assimilation" for health and well­being and proper hydration.

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Larry Campbell  on Healing Conversations

Larry Campbell: Sacred Geometric Tools Practitioner Packages

If you’d like to work directly with these Healing Tools in your healing arts practice or in your personal life, you are invited to purchase Larry Campbell’s 3 most popularly used tools in his own healing practice, or the Full Practitioner kit which includes 8 Cooper Tools designed for specific healing purposes discussed in Quantum Conversations. Open up to the energy in your body with these cooper Healing Tools. Use before massage or use to change consciousness in your own body or assist others. See the aura photos below to understand how these healing tools adjust the aura.

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David & Margie Slinger on Quantum Conversations

David & Margie Slinger: Natural Energy Balancing, Healing Devices & EMF Protection

Whether you are a healer looking to bring more energy into your healing room and keep it energetically pristine, or you are someone who is looking for a simple solution to be protected from EMF or even other people's bad hair days, we have a solution for you.

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Tom Paladino on Quantum Conversations

Tom Paladino: Healing with Scaler Energy

Harnessing Tesla's Scaler Energy Healing Applications

Tom Paladino is a scalar energy researcher and has 25 plus years experience helping people with chronic pathogenic illness. So far, Tom's work with scaler energy has dismantled over 175,000 pathogens which contribute to illness. Listen in to this amazing show and learn about this exciting new energy that is available for the first time on the planet! scalar energy is also known as prana, chi, radiant energy, zero point energy, qi, orgone. After years of experimentation and modification, he developed a technique using scalar energy that will transmute pathogens quickly and painlessly.

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